The National Nature Reserve of Lilleau des Niges

Birds’ paradise

The National Nature Reserve of Lilleau des Niges is located in the heart of the Fier d’Ars, in the north of the island. Its ancient salt marshes and mud flats make it a haven for birds, which find everything they need there to live in harmony with nature. An ideal place for birdwatchers, amonst others. We recommend that you come on foot or by bike, to discover all that this this superb reserve has to offer. It is managed by the League for the Protection of Birds.

The perfect spot for birdwatching

More than 300 species of birds live more or less regularly on the Ile de Ré. The National Nature Reserve of Lilleau des Niges is an ideal spot to observe them in peace. The Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (League for the Protection of Birds) organises walks with a guide to maximise your chances of watching and photographing the most secretive species of birds. A way to improve your ornithological knowledge! Some of the birds are migratory and stay near our campsite from August onwards before leaving for new adventures on another continent.

A great diversity of bird species in the Lilleau des Niges National Nature Reserve

Whether to feed or to spend a season in peace with their young, the National Nature Reserve of Lilleau des Niges is the ideal campsite for birds. The island’s environment provides them with everything they need for their well-being: a variety of food, relaxation and rest are all there in this exceptional natural heritage. Even the most inexperienced will be able to identify a few of the hundreds of species of birds, migratory or sedentary; whether the white stilt with its oval body and long legs, the elegant avocet with its long up-curved beak, or the black-tailed godwit. Some lucky people may see be able to observe more unobtrusive birds such as the blue-throated blackbird, which has the amazing ability to imitate the songs of dozens of other bird species. Bring binoculars and a measure of patience to increase your chances of seeing the island’s most shy birds. And above all, don’t forget to bring your camera and/or mobile phone to complete the “Ile de Ré wildlife” category of your holiday photos!

Photo credit: Gérald Oziel

Visit the Maison du Fier

The Maison du Fier is located next to the reserve. It is run by the League for the Protection of Birds and houses a fun museum that will satisfy the curiosity of young and old alike. Educational walks in the Nature Reserve of Lilleau des Niges are also offered, accompanied by a nature guide who will pass on all their knowledge and passion about this enchanting island. Other nature outings will take you to superb areas on the island, such as the Vauban fortifications.

Price for adults: € 3

Children’s rates: free for children under 5 years old (€ 2 for school children)